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Mrs. Waddell has an important letter for parents.

Our Mission

The community of Whitmore Bolles will welcome all respectfully, challenge its learners to meet their hidden potential, and become the best leaders they can be.he

Our Vision

Leading for Life

Exceeding Potential

Acquiring Greatness

Dreaming Big


Our Principal, Mrs. Kristin Waddell


Mrs. Waddell has been the principal at Whitmore-Bolles Elementary since 2011. These are her beliefs:

  • I believe that every child deserves a high quality rigorous education that prepares them for their future endeavors.
  • I believe students need a variety of creative and experiential learning experiences that develop and enhance their interests. This will create strong leaders who celebrate diversity and seek out life-long learning opportunities.
  • I believe that schools serve as a beacon for the community to unite and break down our cultural boundaries.

Please click on the following link to read more about her vision for our school and to discover her belief statement: Learning is a celebration!

Our History

“The history of Whitmore-Bolles begins in 1919 with the division of the lands east of Monroe and south of Outer Drive. With the large growth in the community, a need for housing and schools was in demand. Laura Whitmore Bolles donated 3 acres of land behind the Whitmore family home, with an additional 6 acres of land purchased in 1925 by the Board of Dearborn School District #7. Dearborn architect, Harry Vicary was chosen to assist the firm of George D. Mason and Company as designers. The school officially opened in September of 1927, with a teaching staff of 4 and an enrollment of 98 students. Dedication of the school was held in honor of the Bolles family on May 14, 1928, as this was the date of birth of Laura’s mother and her own wedding anniversary.

During the Depression of the 1930’s the school was used as a soup kitchen and after the Second World War a new wave of growth came to Dearborn. In 1940, an additional wing was added, including 8 more classrooms and a kitchen. By 1951, enrollment reached 1,400 students. One of the unique science programs established here in the 1950’s was the Horticultural Gardens.

The school name Whitemore-Bolles, honors two of Dearborn’s families; J. E. Bolles, the donor of the original site and Laura Whitmore, who was also the niece of William Nowlin. When Mrs. J. Bolles donated the land she asked the school be named in honor of both her family (Whitmore) and her husband’s family (Bolles).”

Historical information retrieved from www.dearborn71.com

2018-19 Legal Announcements Now Available

The law requires the Dearborn Public Schools to provide parents or guardians a set of legal announcements containing information on laws pertaining to students and parents. All parents and guardians are encouraged to take a moment and review the document. The updated version of these announcements is now available on the district website.

Parents wishing to review a hard copy of the Legal Notices can also visit any Dearborn Public School or the Administrative Service Center, 18700 Audette to pick up a copy.

If you have any questions or comments, please call the Communications Office at 827-3006.


  1. George D Elliot III says:

    I am looking for information on a former teacher I had in the 4th grade, school year was 1956-57 and her first name was Deborah. I know that’s quite a stretch as she would be close to or in her 80’s by now. Also looking for a 56-57 yearbook, preferably online – any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    George Elliot

    • Jack Armstrong says:

      George, Her name was Waddell, Just like the principal. I had Mrs. Mitchell back in 1955, Randy Lillymark for 5th and Clayton Archer for 6th.

      • Ken Johnson says:

        I was in a Safety Meeting in Mr. Archers room when he announced that President Kennedy was killed. I will never forget that moment.

  2. James Kennan says:

    I want to thank my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hart, for her kind and wonderful teaching in 1970-1971. She was a wonderful teacher.

    • Jim VanLinn says:

      I had miss hart as well. it was 1966. she was a sweat hart! What was the other kindergartener teachers name that was across the play yard?

  3. Liz says:

    I had Mrs. Hart too, probably in 1971. She was a sweetheart.

  4. Steve says:

    I was the last of seven kids who all had Mrs. Heart…a fun and loving teacher if there ever was one!

    • Ebo says:

      All 7 of my kids also had Mrs. Hart. Pretty amazing! And yes, she was absolutely wonderful!!

    • Ebo says:

      These Mrs. Hart emails have started a chain reaction re the best of the best among the teachers at Whitmore-Bolles who were the foundation of our family’s formal eduction.

      A big SHOUT OUT to all of the wonderful teachers at Whitmore-Bolles over the years!

      Don attributes his PhD and 10 published books to Miss Benedict and the inspiration she planted in him during second grade!

      Mrs. Sanders was right up there next to Mrs. Hart in terms of being an incredible teacher.

      And Mrs. Lamp — I had her in 3rd and 4th grade and I thought she was such a hard teacher. As an adult I realize she was an amazing teacher who set the bar high and taught us everything from poetry (a poem every morning!) to geography.

      A big thank you to the teachers one and all!!

      • Joan says:

        Do you remember the principal Jack Rabe?

        • matt badish says:

          What years was Jack Rabe the principal? Cause that name doesn’t sound formilar, course i went to WB in the 80’s.

        • Judith Okrzesik-Marshall says:

          I remember Mr Rabe. He was the Principal in the late 1950’s.
          Mr Henline (sp) was the music teacher at the same time. There was also Ms Reynolds. Whitmore Bolles has been an amazing school and the reputation continues
          Judith Okrzesik-Marshall JD RN

    • Andy says:

      Steve — what years were you at Whitmore – Bolles? I think I was in your classes!

  5. David Grunwald says:

    I had Ms. Hart too in 70-71? She was nice. Seems like eons ago…

  6. Pamela Cupp Renkiewicz says:

    I attended Whitmore-Bolles 1977 thru 1981. My teachers were Mrs. Long, Mrs. Yuhas, Mrs. Bouvey & Mr. Mefferd. I have happy memories of my childhood years there.

  7. Niki Meloche says:

    Mr. Seymour – best memories ever!

    • Gary beams says:

      Hi nicole….did you live on Carlysle at one time? I believe if so you were friends with my sister Barb Beams….small world

  8. Matt Badish says:

    I went to Whitmore Bolles from 1981-1989. My teachers were Mrs. Wilson (k), Mrs. Bartley (first grade), Mrs. Yuhas (second grade), Mrs. Benson (third grade), Mrs. Bouvey (fourth grade), Mr. Poire (fifth grade), and Mrs. Kocker (sixth grade).

  9. Billy@eliterealtymi.com says:

    My family and I just moved to area. Is there a way to tour the school? My daughter will be in 3rd grade and I think a quick walk through would help her get excited about the change.

    • Welcome to Whitmore-Bolles Elementary!

      Our school office will open the week before school starts, and should be able to give you a tour and help with registration then. I believe the exact date is August 29th. In the meantime, please visit the school library on Tuesday or Thursday (through August 18th) from 9:00am until noon. You can enter through the library doors on the west side of the building. You are also encouraged to join the PTA at Penn-Vassar Park on August 25th at 5:30pm for Playgrounds & Popsicles. More information is here: Playgrounds & Popsicles. We are excited to have you join the community! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

      Mrs. Borrello
      4th Grade Teacher

  10. Wendy Childers says:

    This is random. I think I went to WB in ’70-’71 as well. We moved to Georgia that year so I didn’t finish kinder there. Was there only one kinder class?

  11. Melissa Kandah (Mueller) says:

    I loved my years (probably 1977-1983) at Whitmore-Bolles with the exception of 3rd grade. I was a talker, but overall good girl, and my teacher (Mrs. Benson) was horrible to me. She made me feel terrible about myself and like I was the worst girl in the world. She told me I would never graduate 6th grade. She pointed out in front of the class that I wasn’t great at multiplication, something that has stuck with me all of my life. I wish I could tell her how she scarred me and how much I pay attention to my own kids teachers to make sure they aren’t mistreating my kids (mind you, I pay more attention that my kids are doing what they are supposed to do). Also, for the kid who was told she would never graduate from Whitmore-Bolles, I went on to struggle through school, but made it to U of M-D and eventually to get my Master’s, working as a school psychologist.

    On a positive note, I truly did love all of my other teachers and the school. I especially loved Mr. Raymer, Mrs. Bartley and Mrs. Bouvy.

    • matt badish says:

      That’s to bad to hear, i had Mrs Benson to but a little later on i had her as my third grade teacher during the 1985-1986 school year.

  12. Melissa Kandah (Mueller) says:

    Also, I’ve always wondered if they ever dug up the time capsule that we buried in probably early 1980s in the front of the school. My mom still lives in the same house with the same phone number and I never heard if they brought it up or not.

  13. Kathy Diroff says:

    Mr Seymour and Mrs Lamp………..best teachers I ever had. I still have fond memories of both.

    • Gregory Veith says:

      Greetings Kathy,
      I went to school with Mark Diroff (on Gertude). Might there be any relation? What year and grade did you have Mrs. Lamp for a teacher? Mrs. Lamp was my 4th grade teacher (1963-64). I recall her husband was into photography and took a picture of our class. I still have that photo! What a treasure.

  14. diana wizani says:


    Kindly could you please provide us with more details about the school fees, registration time/months & required documents for registration. I have to girls my oldest is in grade 1 now and should move to grade 2 2017/2018
    and my 2nd daughter now in reception/ KG 2 and should be in grade 1 2017/2018.

    I Appreciate your kind reply and feedback.

    Thank you.


  15. Stacey Bennett says:

    My name was Stacey Lewis back in the 70’s. I had Mrs. Long – 2nd grade, Mrs. Dear – 3rd grade, Mrs. Brown – 4th grade, Mrs. Hazamy – 5th grade, and Mrs. Pasinski – 6th grade. Awesome teachers, awesome school!

  16. Ken (Lee) Saunders says:

    K – Mrs. Hart
    1st – Mrs. Bingham (until she left on pregnancy leave)
    2nd – Mrs. Sanders (split class with 3rd graders)
    3rd – Mr. Seymour
    4th – Mrs. Davis
    5th – Fitzy
    6th – Mr. Hoxy

  17. Thomas Perry Gordon says:

    I went to Whitemore-Bolles from 75-81. Started with Mrs Hart, who was awesome! I can’t remember who my 1st and 2nd grade teachers were, how sad is that and all my yearbooks were lost in a flood. 3rd was Mrs. Poore, 4th Mr. Morga, 5th Mr. Fitzgerald and 6th was Mrs. Pasinski.

    Great school, great memories.

  18. connie.donofrio@yahoo.com says:

    Hello, I am a parent from Allen Park High School. We Have Heard on Facebook that you have state-of-the-art safety precautions in place at your school. I was hoping to discuss this further with someone. Please contact me as soon as possible. thank you. 313-433-7867

  19. Gregory Veith says:

    I attended Whitmore-Bolles 1958-1966. The teachers I had were; K-Mrs. Carson, 1st-Mrs. Heston, 2nd-maybe Mrs. Sanders (I can’t remember), 3rd-Mrs. Waddel, 4th-Mrs. Lamp, 5th-Mr. Lillymark (long recesses), and 6th-Mrs. Robichaud (sp). I have the 4th grade picture (Mrs. Lamp 1963-64) taken by her husband and can share with anyone interested. I’m interested in any other class pictures I may have been in. I recently saw a kindergarten class po=icture that looks professional, so I suspect others are out there. I’m also interested in determining my 2nd grade teacher (1960-61).

    • Gregory Veith says:

      After talking to former classmates and seeing a 1959 Whitmore-Bolles yearbook, I have the following update:
      I attended Whitmore-Bolles 1958-1966. The teachers I had were; K-Mrs. Carson, 1st-Mrs. Heston, 2nd-Miss Moore/Mrs. Zonnebelt, 3rd-Mrs. Weldon, 4th-Mrs. Lampe, 5th-Mr. Liliemark (long recesses), and 6th-Mrs. Robichaud. I have the 4th grade picture (Mrs. Lampe 1963-64) taken by her husband and can share with anyone interested. I’m interested in any other class pictures I may have been in.

  20. Larry Perkins says:

    I attended w/b school in the 1940s we lived on the corner of Hipp and Annapolis. Does anyone remember the PERKINS family?

  21. Mackenzie Schley says:

    I went here from kindergarten-5th grade, i enjoyed all of my time there, the teachers and everything. I will never forget the special moments i had at this school. When i’m writing this im in 7th grade. I miss all my teachers and wish to visit haha. I loved this school.

  22. Terri K says:

    I had Ms. Wilmers for kindergarten. She inspired me to become a teacher! Anyone remember Ms. Martell (6fh) ?

    • Mike Phimister here. I attended W-B starting in1947. Teachers I remember are:
      Miss Johnson-kdg.
      Mrs. Sanders-2nd and 3rd
      Mrs. Brown-4th ??
      Sylvia Martella-5th
      Candida Martella-6th
      Merle Cable and Barbara Lahti-PE
      Mrs. H??-music
      Jack Rabe-Principal
      W-B had a great Outdoor Ed. Program that took kids to an old CCC camp near Ann Arbor. Great times. I took students there after I became a teacher. About 1995 I visited W-B. I had just finished a CD of original songs for kids that focused on personal growth skills. I wonder if it ever got used.

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