District & Building Face Covering Protocols

With regard to face coverings, the district plans to follow all required, strongly recommended, and recommended procedures and protocols in both Phase 4 and Phase 5 of Michigan’s Safe Start Plan.

Please know that all persons (staff, students, parents, visitors, etc.) will be required to wear a face covering while on school grounds unless coverings cannot be medically tolerated. This includes all indoor and outdoor school property.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy.

Upcoming Hybrid Schedule Impacted by District Vaccination Effort

More than 1,400 Dearborn Public School staff were able to get their first COVID vaccination shot on February 11 and 12 at one of two locations.

Depending on which vaccination they received, all those staff will need their second shot either three or four weeks after the first dose.  Realizing that scheduling the second dose of the vaccine will lead to staff shortages, the district is being proactive and planning four online learning days.

The first two Thursdays and Fridays in March (March 4, 5, 11, and 12) will now be remote learning days where students remain at home. 

Students should still expect to have mostly live instruction over those four days.  Teachers will provide more specific information about their classes closer to that time.  Students will still be expected to log into Schoology each of those four days and attend classes and complete assigned work.

The Mondays and Tuesdays of both those weeks will still be hybrid with some students in school.  Wednesdays were already scheduled to be remote learning days.

Hybrid learning will still start on March 1 for students in kindergarten, first, second, sixth and ninth grades.  On March 8th students in preschool, third, fourth, fifth, seventh and 10th grades will start hybrid learning.  Grades eight, 11 and 12 will return for hybrid learning on March 15.

The first two weeks of hybrid learning, students will attend face-to-face class one day that week, either Monday or Tuesday depending on if they are group A or B.  Their second day that week now will be replaced by remote learning.

Superintendent Glenn Maleyko announced earlier that the district would likely need to add some remote learning days after the district found out we would be able to mass vaccinate willing staff over two days.

“We appreciate the community’s patience as we work to keep staff, students and families as safe as we can in the current environment,” Dr. Maleyko said.  “Learning remotely for these additional days will provide more continuity to students and allow teachers to work around the vaccination schedule.”

“Please know that even after staff are vaccinated, they will continue to follow CDC guidelines including wearing masks in schools, and we will encourage our community to continue to use social distancing and to #MaskUpDearborn until the country is able to get COVID under control,” Dr. Maleyko added.

Free meal distribution day changing with start of blended learning

With the start of blended learning on March 1, Dearborn Public Schools will change how it distributes free student meals.

Weekly meal pickup will move to Wednesdays starting on March 3 and will be provided at all of our traditional middle and high schools.  Pickup will continue to run from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  

Students at all levels will also have the option to receive a meal on the days they attend school in person.

Pickup will be available at Bryant Middle, Dearborn High, Edsel Ford High, Fordson High, Lowrey, McCollough-Unis, Salina Intermediate, Smith Middle, Stout Middle, and Woodworth Middle schools. 

Please note, Henry Ford, Maples, McDonald and Miller elementary schools and the Dearborn Heights Campus will no longer be distribution sites.

Dearborn Public Schools will continue to provide a week’s worth of food for any student in the district or any sibling under 18 years of age.  No ID is required, and the student does not need to attend that building or come with the adult picking up the food.

Students attending in person will also have the option to get a meal at school that day.  Students will socially distance in serving lines, and touch points have been minimized.  The district will continue to work to provide high quality food in the safest way possible. 

Elementary students attending face to face will be able to pick from one of two hot lunch options or pack their own food.  Most buildings will have students eating in the cafeteria with social-distancing, but the specifics of how children will eat will vary by building.  Menus will be provided on the Nutrislice website.

Middle and high school students attending face-to-face instruction will be able to get a grab-and-go breakfast.  Those menus will also be posted on Nutrislice.  More details of how breakfast will work at each building will be provided directly from that school. 

Dearborn Public Schools has been distributing free student meals since shortly after the schools were required to close in March 2020.  Recently, we have been handing out more than 100,000 meals a week.  The district has about 20,700 students.

All students attending school in the district are eligible for free breakfast and lunch under special provisions of the National School Lunch Program.

Dearborn meets COVID measures, will start returning students to schools

Dearborn Public Schools is excited to announce the district has met the COVID measurements set by the Board of Education and will start phasing students and staff back to in-building learning.

Face-to-face learning labs for special education students who are part of the Act 18 program will start on Tuesday, Feb. 16.  Learning labs for other students will start later next week.  Most staff will report to their buildings starting Feb. 16.  

The second week after learning labs start, schools will start reopening to all students for blended learning.  With blended learning, students will be in school two days a week – either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday – and will work from home the other days.  Wednesdays will be live online classes for all students.

The reopening schedule will go as follows:

March 1 – The first students return for blended learning, including grades kindergarten, first, second, sixth and ninth.

March 8 – More students start blended learning including preschool, third, fourth, fifth, seventh and 10th grades. 

March 15 – The rest of students start blended learning including eighth, 11th and 12th grades.

There are a few other date changes to note.

Dearborn Public Schools was able to arrange COVID vaccinations for all the remaining staff who want them on Thursday and Friday of this week.  Thursday will now be asynchronous for all students to allow teachers time to get the shot.  Friday, Feb. 12 through Monday, Feb. 15 were already days off school for mid-winter break.  Students will now have a half day of school on Feb. 16, and teachers will use the other half of the day to prepare to return to teaching students face-to-face. The district earlier canceled the remaining late starts to allow for this half day.

Parents can look for information soon from their child’s school about which days their students will attend and other details specific to the school.  Every effort will be made to have siblings attend on the same day. This will be easier to accommodate at the elementary level but may be more difficult across school buildings. Parents can learn more about blended learning on the district’s back-to-school website.  Busing and food service will be provided during blended learning.

In October, the Dearborn Schools Board of Education set two COVID measures for when the district would return to in-school learning.  First, Dearborn was required to improve to at least a D grade on the COVID risk matrix put out by the Wayne County Health Department.  The community improved to that grade in mid January and maintained it on the newest report issued on Monday.

However, the second requirement remained out of reach a bit longer.  The positivity rate for Wayne County, outside of Detroit, needed to be at 5 percent or less on the weekly county report.  The community met that measure on the report released Monday evening, falling to 5 percent even for last week.

At Monday’s Board of Education meeting, trustees did vote to tweak the reopening plan they have followed since October. Up to that point, the plan had required that the county positivity rate be at 5 percent or lower for two weeks before blended learning started.  Trustees removed the requirement for the second week to avoid further delaying the reopening if the positivity were to tick up next week.

Superintendent Glenn Maleyko noted that after schools are open, the decision about possibly returning to an all remote-learning model would be made by the administration.  He told trustees that the district would continue to look at the community risk matrix, which includes the positivity rate as one of the factors, but the positivity rate alone would not drive the decision. Other factors that would be considered include evaluating conditions in a particular school and considering the advice of the Wayne County Health Department before deciding to return a building or the district to a completely virtual model.  

“We have been preparing for months to reopen schools and are so glad we are finally able to get students back into our classrooms,” Dr. Maleyko said. “Getting vaccinations for our staff is also wonderful news to help ensure their safety as we move toward returning all our students to face-to-face learning. We know that in-school learning is the best environment for most students.  However, COVID is not gone.  We need the community to continue to be vigilant about wearing masks and doing their part to control the spread of the virus so we can keep our students in school.”

The use of face masks, social distancing, hand washing, cleaning protocols and other safety measures will continue to be followed as staff and students return to the buildings.  Although Michigan loosened the requirements for schools to reopen, Dearborn Schools will continue to follow more stringent guidelines.  For example, the district will wipe down the interior of buses between each run rather than only at the end of the day. Schools have added signage to the entrances of buildings and throughout hallways to keep all who enter the building safe. Parents are asked to contact their child’s school if they have specific questions about health and safety procedures being followed in the building.

School Age Child Care Options

Do you need Kids Club during our Hybrid Learning? We now have total ONLINE Enrollment through our new Eleyo System.  

Just go to our Eleyo Web Page https://dearbornschools.ce.eleyo.com/child-care/3/school-age-care  Parents will need to create an account and then begin to enroll their children. It is OK if you don’t know your Cohort schedule at this point. Go ahead and choose a schedule. When you are given your schedule by your teacher just drop us an email at billingech@dearbornschools.org and we can make that correction for you! 

Kids Club is from 7:30 a.m. until the beginning of school and the flat fee is $13 for each a.m. session. The p.m. session is from the end of school until 5:30 p.m. and the flat fee is $15.60 for each session. 

You will see sections for Kids Club and for School Age All Day Child Care. We do offer care at DuVall and Lindbergh. The hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The cost per session is $36/8 hour, $38/9 hours and $40/10 hours. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. A minimum number of students are required to offer our tuition based programs. 

Questions? Call us at 313-827-8350

Late Starts for Remainder of Year Canceled

The district has canceled the remaining four late starts for the year.  

Instead, students will get a half day of class and teachers a half day of prep on the Friday before learning labs restart.  We unfortunately do not have that date yet or know when that will be.  COVID conditions have improved in Dearborn, but do not yet meet both of the thresholds set by the board.

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