Whitmore-Bolles News

School Dress Code

The purpose of this dress code is to enhance school safety, improve the learning environment, and promote good behavior.  Children’s attitudes toward schoolwork and behavior are related to the clothing they wear.  Therefore, we recommend clothing and footwear suitable for a working atmosphere and appropriate weather.  In order to achieve this goal, the following guidelines are in place at Whitmore-Bolles Elementary:


Currently all students, staff, and visitors must wear a mask when entering a school building. This has been the practice since September 2020 and a district requirement for Fall 2021. 


Tennis shoes or sturdy, form-fitting shoes are recommended for the school day.

No backless, open-toed, or high-heeled shoes are permitted. (Flip flops are not permitted; sandals with back straps can be worn).

No shoes with wheels.


Pants and shorts need to fit snuggly at the waist. Sagging clothing is not acceptable.

Extremely brief shorts and skirts are not appropriate for school.  Mid-thigh length or longer is appropriate.

Shorts should not be worn from November 1 – March 31 unless approved  by a Teacher and Principal. 


Shirts with sleeves are recommended.

Halter, tank, and thin-strapped tops less than 3 finger widths are not permitted.  Sleeveless athletic jerseys without a t-shirt underneath are not permitted.


Tops and bottoms must overlap at all times, including when arms are raised.  

Hats, caps, hoods, and other headwear may not be worn during the day unless for school-sponsored activities.  

Jackets and coats (outerwear) may not be worn indoors during the school day unless approved by a Teacher.

The following items are inappropriate for school therefore not permitted:

  • Unnaturally colored hair
  • Make-up, body glitter, and tattoos
  • Visible body piercing other than in ears
  • Closing that is in disrepair, ripped, or contains holes
  • Any article of closing or accessory that promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, violence, or is offensive or degrading.
  • Anything that may cause a distraction to the educational process or is deemed inappropriate or unsafe.

Students and Staff are encouraged to wear “Whitmore Wear” or school colors (royal blue) on Fridays. GO EAGLES!