Materials Distribution…Please save the date and time

Greetings Whitmore Families!

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 5, 2020 for a materials distribution for the following classrooms:

Mrs. Coleman

Mrs. Pung

Mrs. Travis

Mrs. Hill

Mrs. Bennett

Ms. McCuaig

Ms. Tatta

Families will be able to pick up materials from 12:00 -3:00 pm in the school parking lot.

  • Items to be distributed:
    • Math books, whiteboards, dry erase markers, and paper for every grade. These materials will help with remote instruction
  • Persons walking up will have a designated waiting area on the sidewalk while maintaining a 6 foot distance.
  • As you walk up, please let Volunteers know what grade/s students are in. A designated person will hand families an individualized supply bag with the appropriate materials.

Please contact classroom teacher or Mrs. Waddell with any questions


  1. Jill Garrett says:

    Looks like Kindergarten was included but not Ms. Cassar’s class? Just wanting to make sure, so we don’t miss out.

    • Some of the teachers chose another route for getting materials to their students. You should be receiving the materials from Ms. Cassar this week, if you don’t have them already.

  2. Patty Krol says:

    My student, Lyla Hart, has clothes in her looker. How do we get her private stuff back?!

    • The District is not allowing parents or students in the buildings at this time, based on the Governor’s order. As soon as we are allowed, we will notify family’s as to when and how they can retrieve their items from the building. Fun fact – staff is not allowed to remove personal items at this time either.

      Hope all of our families are doing well and are able to enjoy some extra time together in these very unique circumstances. Take care.

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