Join us on June 11 for the 5th Grade Dream Cruise promotion celebration!

Our 5th grade teachers had to get creative this year to find a way to celebrate the promotion of our 5th graders and they succeeded!

On Thursday, June 11 at 1:00 pm we will hold our first ever Whitmore-Bolles mobile promotion ceremony – the 5th Grade Dream Cruise. Fifth graders and their families will drive the perimeter of our parking lot, stopping at stations where teachers will hand them certificates and other items through the window. Families will the follow a designated route through the neighborhood. (See map below for route)

We’re hoping Whitmore families and neighbors will come outside along the neighborhood route to cheer our fifth graders on to successful middle school careers. We anticipate they will be cruising the route from 1:00-2:00. Feel free to make signs or banners with positive messages for our fifth graders or decorate your yard or car in any other way that is appropriate to recognize their accomplishments. (Only Whitmore-Bolles staff members will be allowed in the parking lot.)

Fifth grade families are encouraged to decorate their cars as well so that they are easily recognizable as they drive through the neighborhood. We are requesting that only parents or other adults drive the students and that everyone maintains a safe speed in the parking lot and through the neighborhood. We’re pretty sure your students will want you to go extra slow so that they can enjoy the positive attention they will recieve!

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