Whitmore-Bolles News

Letters from your Teacher being emailed today!

If you have a valid email on file in Parent Connect, you will be receiving a welcome email from your child’s teacher this afternoon or early evening (by 9PM.) The email will provide their blog and email addresses, along with other introductory information.

If you do not receive an email today, please visit Parent Connect to verify that you have an email address on file. Please email malynd@dearbornschools.org to let me know if you have added/corrected your email address and I will send the letter out to you, probably on Sunday.

You should also be receiving a phone call from your child’s teacher today or Saturday to set up an orientation appointment for next week. At the virtual or face to face appointment, they will give you and your child an overview of Schoology, the software that is the umbrella under which all of our virtual learning will be taught. They will also distribute chromebooks to every student that needs one, as well as math and language arts workbooks.

Trust me, we know how anxious parents and students are for information. We definitely empathize. We just wanted to make sure our information was as accurate as possible before we passed it along to you, especially when identifying your child’s teacher. From this point forward, the information flow should be much more steady.

Please call us at 313-827-8700 if you have any questions. Take care.