Social Work Connections @ Whitmore-Bolles January 2021

Dear Whitmore-Bolles Students and Families, 

Happy New Year! 

I hope each of you had a restful and rejuvenating winter break.  As the remote school year continues, it is important to review, understand, and incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) into your home life.  Social-emotional learning, a “buzzword” in education, is the ability for children to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others.    Check out  this article to learn a few simple ways to include SEL into your students’ lives. 

One critical social-emotional learning topic I  highly recommend is resetting our bodies. Even though we just returned from break, where hopefully we relaxed, I cannot stress the importance of it! .  Ensuring we receive the right amount of rest and fueling our bodies with good nutrition are two major factors in regulating our bodies and managing our emotions.  As you set  new goals for 2021, , I encourage you to eat well by incorporating  a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals, bundling up, even in the cold weather for walk, to get some fresh air and exercise, and setting time to wind down for the day in order to get the recommended seven-nine hours of sleep. (After you have been Zooming all day, you need your ZZZs!)

Stay warm and well,
Ms. Johnston, SSW, LMSW
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