Whitmore-Bolles News

Walk N Roll (Bike) Jr. Challenge

Congratulations Whitmore-Bolles Eagles, 
Our school has been selected to participate in the Walk N Roll(Bike) Jr. Challenge. This challenge will officially start the week of September the 20th and go for 6 weeks. This challenge is a competition between 10 Dearborn Schools to see which school has the most students walking or riding bikes to school. The week of September 13-17 is the kick off week. During this week our students will watch a kick off video explaining what the challenge is and what the participants will have to do for involvement. Each student that is interested will bring home a permission slip that must be read and signed by both the parent and student. As soon as the permission slip is signed, return to Mr. Tapp or classroom teacher by Friday September 17th. Mr.Tapp will add your name as a member into the Schoology Walk N Roll Challenge page. As a student becomes a member they will have access to the weekly survey where they will record which days they walked/biked to school so our total number of students participating can be recorded (Parents of young students may have to help fill out surveys ). We as a school only receive credit for the student surveys completed, not the total number of members (so make sure to fill out the 2 minute surveys every Friday after school).  If your child rides a bus or can’t walk to the school, any walking or riding a bike that takes place at home can count for them and be used to fill out weekly surveys. This is a great way to be part of our Whitmore-Bolles team/ community and increase our daily physical activity.
Prizes – Grand Prize: New Bike Raffle, two schools will receive new bike racks, and participation prizes will be raffled including water bottles and helmets.

Mr.Tapp, Physical Education Teacher