Whitmore-Bolles News

Martian Kid’s Marathon

Group Registration Instructions:

LINK: https://runningfitevents.redpodium.com/2024-martian-invasion-of-races

They will need to select “I am here to register as a group participant”

YOUR TEAM NAME: Whitmore-Bolles – Blue Wave 12:00 Start


Continue on with their registration. They must select team name and enter password. The kids’ race is already discounted to $23 (thru March 4) so no coupon code is needed. If you would like to extend the invitation to your school community we are offering a school discount code. (See below for more details.) March 5 the price goes up to $26. Please note there are processing fees.

Logbooks, paper registration and shirt contest can be downloaded from this page: https://martianraces.com/events/kid-s-marathon

ADD-ON! All-you-can-eat FLYING SAUCER (pancake) breakfast for all finishers in 5K and longer – families in the 1.2 mile can add this on their registration!

Martian 5K and longer!

In previous year we have had great success offering longer distances to friends, family and staff! We all know great habits start young! Also, it’s easier to commit to something when you have a good team alongside you! Get those teachers, school staff, parents and family members moving in 2024!

· Distribute SCHOOL CODE amongst school staff and school family members.

· When you distribute, please make sure they know NOT TO SHARE with folks outside of your school community. If this discount code is abused, I will have to turn it off.

· They will also need team name and password and should sign up as a group member.

· You can use this for a group of older kids who have moved on past the 1.2 Mile race

· Kids can run the 1.2 and a longer race but they will have to register for both

· SCHOOL CODE ($5 off 5K, 10K, 13.1, or 26.2): SCHOOLGROUP24 – just enter this in the coupon code field for the longer races!

Confirmation E-Mails:

You will be receiving a confirmation e-mail report in the evening if anyone joins your Kid’s 1.2 Team that day. You will not receive and e-mail every time someone joins. The report will list their name and e-mail. Please keep in mind anyone that uses your team name and password will get sent to you so this report will include folks in the 5k and longer too. The e-mail we have on file for you is: tappb@dearbornschools.org.

Timeline: Download and print here: https://martianraces.com/images/2024/Martian_2024_Kids_Timeline.pdf

Underground Printing T-Shirt Design Contest: Once again our screen printer Underground Printing will be offering this awesome contest for the kids! UGP invites children 12 and under to submit an original drawing to be used in the design for the front of the 2024 Martian Kids’ Marathon shirt!

Check out all the details here: https://martianraces.com/images/2024/Martian_2024_Kids_Shirt_Contest.pdf

Thanks for everything you are doing to organize a group! This is one of my favorite days of the year and I can’t wait to see you on a SUNNY AND DRY Saturday, April 13!

I think I have given you enough information to get started! Let’s work on getting some kids signed up and some t-shirt entries! Closer to race day I will send information on group meeting areas and what race day looks like! Let me know if you have any questions!